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Assembled with White EVO16 Wheel.
Assembled with White EVO16 Wheel.

8th GT Belted Treaded 45deg Soft 2pc tire set, with Pre Glued options

Price: $17.99
List Price:$31.00
Part Number:40245
  • Please select Wheels and Inserts together to get a Pre-Gleud set.
  • Sweep GT8 tires outlast any other brands with more traction.

Choose Options

GT8 Insert help
No insert/No Glued
Center Strip #SW0019 (Bashing) (+$2.00)
Thick dual Stage #41104 (Circuit Racing) (+$4.00)
Thin dual Stage #41105 (Drag racing) (+$4.00)
GT8 Wheel (Pre-Glued) help
No wheel/No Glued
Black EVO16 Spoke #42214 (+$8.99)
White EVO16 Spoke #42215 (+$8.99)
Black ROK HARD Dish #42220 (+$7.99)
Dish V5 White # 42204 (+$8.99)
Dish V5 Yellow # 42205 (+$8.99)
Our Soft compound tire with unique pattern treads for uneven surfaces.

Note for Electric powered GT racers:
Our GT tires is designed for Nitro Powered GTs in mind, even thought some racers had great success with our tires on their "Insane Speed" runs with 2S-6S Lipo/Brusheless Motor equipped machines but we do not recommend our tires for that kind of racing or nor warranty or guarantees of any kinds for that matters. our tires are designed for "Circuit Racing" where Lap times are most important.
Our Rubber selection
GT: Made out of Natural virgin rubber, great for VHT, Sugar coated tracks.(one color dot)
EXP: Made out of Synthetic rubber, most traction, longer lasting.(two color dots)

Slick VS Treaded
Slick: Made for commercial track or even smooth surface.
Treaded: Made for uneven surface such as parking lots.
Shore Rating recommendation:
40 Green dot/Ultra Soft compound:  Cold weather.
45 Blue dot/Soft compound:  Cool Weather.
50 Red dot/Medium compound: Hot weather.
55 Gold dot/Hard compound: Sizzling weather.


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