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Sweep all new GTR2 Pro compound is new for 2019 and beyond.
Sweep all new GTR2 Pro compound is new for 2019 and beyond.

8th GTR2 Belted Slick Green dot 2pc 40deg Pro compounds tire set, with Pre Glued options

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Part Number:42140R2-
  • Please select Wheels and Inserts together to get a Pre-Glued set.
  • Sweep GT8 tires outlast any other brands with more traction.
  • Set of holes punctured through wheel. insert to tire for extra cooling.

Choose Options

GT8 Insert help
No insert/No Glued
GT Dual Stage #41105 [+$4.00]
GT8 Wheel (Pre-Glued) help
No wheel/No Glued
Black EVO16 Spoke (#42214) [+$7.99]
White EVO16 Spoke (#42215) [+$7.99]
This is Softest rubber tires you can get for GT8 race cars. shorter than usual life span should be expected.
This 40 deg is softest GT rubber tires set you can get, racing this tires on hot or not so cold day can further reduce life span of the rubber set.
<#GTR2 Tires tip> #GT8
1: Because of the ultra low profile shape of the tire, you may experience Steering gains 1st time when you mounted, please do not de-tune your front end to understeer, this can be resulting in excess heat on front tires.
2: if you found any cracks starting of cracks on the outside bead (where the rubber meet wheel) drop of CA glue is needed. otherwise, that can continue cracks to shorten the tires life span. This crack starts from understeer GT8 machines.

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